A Surefire Horse Racing System For Beginner’s Luck and Betting on the Races

Anyone who gambles or places bets on horse races eventually learns about beginner’s luck. Beginner’s luck (BL) is the phenomena of beating the odds whenever you bet on a new game or go to the horse track for the first time. It is usually balanced off by that other natural law of gambling known as, “what goes round comes round.” That is usually experienced the second time you go to the track and bet extravagantly because it seemed so easy to win the first time. The result is that usually you lose all your winnings from the first trip with a little more thrown in, just to keep the pot full for the next beginner, and so it goes.

So how can anyone use BL to beat the odds consistently? It seems that it is impossible to keep being a beginner at the race track, or anything else in life. But a friend of mine actually did find a way to beat the system, for a while anyway, and developed what he called the Beginner’s Luck Horse Racing System.

The key to my friend’s method was that he had to have someone who had never been to the races with him whenever he used the system. He wasn’t much of a planner and didn’t like the cerebral strain of handicapping the races. Being a free spirit, he was more inclined to decide to go to the race track at the last minute. The problem with this method, of course, is where do you find someone who is willing to drop everything and go with you at a moment’s notice?

His remedy for the situation was to drive to the part of town where ladies could be found on the street corners. These ladies were in the entertainment business, so to speak, and would readily accompany him, if the price was right and paid up front. While his first question to them was a bit out of the ordinary, he was able to find willing participants who had never been to the race track before.

He would take the lady to the track and show her a very good time and of course, he would bet on anything she picked and would often have a very good day. Other than running out of a supply of lady “entertainers” who had never been to the race track, it seemed there wasn’t a flaw in his plan until he proposed a trip to the track to the wrong lady. While she appeared to be a lady entertainer, she was actually a lady police officer in disguise. He was arrested for propositioning, though the charges were later dropped when it was determined that asking someone if they would like to go to the race track is not a crime, even if you offer to pay him or her to accompany you.

While it may appear that the Beginner’s Luck System had finally failed, it was revealed that this was actually the lady police officer’s first day working undercover. In other words, her first arrest was just, you guessed it, BL.

Curse UI – A Quick Guide For WoW Beginners

Most World of Warcraft newbies soon learn the importance of user interface modification. These are called UI mods or AddOns for short. The tools are extremely valuable for improving your WoW game play. You should definitely consider getting Curse UI mods and packs.

Main Aspects

The UI mods are software programs created by independent developers. However, most of them are approved for use by the developers of World of Warcraft – Blizzard. The majority of AddOns are available for free. They are usually developed by fellow WoW gamers who do not charge you for using their creations.

The largest database for user interface modifications is Curse. It offers hundreds of AddOns created by various developers. You can find almost anything you need on this database.

Curse UI Mods

The selection of AddOns on Curse is extremely large. There are tools that can help you improve virtually any aspect of your game play, from gold farming to spell casting. There are special AddOns which are designed to be used by a specific class only. The mods are distributed into different categories so that you can find the ones you need more easily.

Curse provides you with useful ratings so that you can make your choice more easily. You can find the most popular Curse UI mods in every category and the most popular ones in general. You will also find a list of the AddOns that are rated as the most useful ones. You should definitely take advantage of this information to make the right choice.

Curse UI Packs

You can readily consider getting an entire user interface modification pack. It contains a number of AddOns bundled together. It is quicker to just grab a number of tools at once. However, you have to rely on the judgment of the developers that the package you get contains the best possible mods.

There are various types of Curse UI packs designed to aid a specific game aspect, such as raids or PvP play. There are bundled packages designed especially for newbies. You can readily take an advantage of one, if you have no clue what tools to look for.

UI Mods For Gold Earning

Making gold is one of the main aspects of World of Warcraft. You need gold to buy more and more useful items. In turn, you will be able to take more quests and progress to higher levels faster.

There are various Curse UI mods that you can use for gold earning. It is essential for you to get a tool for finding suitable farming spots. You also need one that will help you find and pick all sorts of valuable items easily and quickly. Perhaps, the most important mod you will need is one that will provide you with Auction House data analysis.

You can get great benefits from various AddOns. However, you cannot be successful in WoW and make lots of gold without using the right strategy. As a beginner, you can readily rely on the advice and guidance of more experienced players.

Adware and Spyware Removers – A Beginner’s Primer

The Internet is a vast resource of information and users all over the world are able to download whatever programs they see fit onto their computer. Unfortunately, having an open connection to the world also can be dangerous in today’s online environment, particularly when you look at the rise of adware & spyware applications that can be downloaded onto your computer without you even knowing it.

You may have heard about spyware and adware from some of the tech geeks at work, but what does it actually mean to you? Surely, these kind of things only affect business computers and servers, right? Wrong. Spyware and adware can be downloaded onto any computer, regardless of whether you’re at work or surfing the web at home. It doesn’t even sometimes come from what you would think would be the most likely candidates: porn sites, gambling sites & other illegal material. The unfortunate part is that sometimes companies that we think to be reputable can actually be using spyware as well to track your every move.

Spyware and adware do not work like a typical virus. Normally they are not as malicious, but they can be just as annoying and incredibly difficult to get rid of. They usually end up appearing on your web browser as a new toolbar up on top, and/or triggering random pop-up ads at certain times. What’s happening is these programs are being downloaded and keeping track of your information: the web sites you’ve been to, your search history in Google, Yahoo or another search engine….possibly even your passwords. They’re also doing things that use up your computer’s valuable resources or hijacking your homepage and switching it to some random search site automatically.

You can quickly see what a nuisance this can be, particularly if you end up having a lot of these programs downloaded to your computer. Such applications, when triggered almost simultaneously, can cause you serious problems and a lot of time and effort in repair after the fact. Fortunately, however, there are many spyware removers and anti spyware programs that are available to you that you can download; some even have free trial versions. Nine times out of ten, they are very simple to use and can root out files and cookies on your computer that are associated with spyware.

That said, once you download one of these applications, you must be vigilant and remember to use the program on at least a weekly basis in order to avoid further outbreaks. It helps to download a spyware remover program that also contains an adware shield of some sort that is running in the background and blocks the download of a new piece of spyware before it occurs.

Also, be sure to always know what kind of a link you’re clicking before you click on it, even if it is from someone you think you know. Usually, spam e-mails contain “click here” links that will download some piece of spyware, but your friend might send you a link on AIM or something without even knowing that it is a link to download spyware. These incidents are more common than you might think. Again, a spyware remover program that runs in the background can be of great help here.

If you know how to protect your computer from spyware before it gets downloaded, then you’ll be much better off, and you’ll be able to surf the web freely and safely without having to call up the PC tech place down the street to fix your computer for outrageous fees.

WoW Pet Battles For Beginners

So you have finally decided to try WoW Pet Battles, but have no idea where to begin. There are simply so many of these little critters to choose from! You need to know how to obtain the most suitable pets and create effective teams for battle. Matching the pets against enemies is crucial.

Starting Point

To start with WoW pet battles, you need to find a character that is at least at level five. You will be charged a one-time fee of 10 gold to commence training with your city’s pet battle trainer. These trainers are normally scattered over the world, but there are a couple you can locate quite easily. You can opt for Audrey Burnhep, the Alliance trainer, whom you can find next to the tree by the pond at Stormwind. This is the place where the portals are. The other WoW pet training expert is Varzok, the Horde trainer, who can be found in Orgrimmar, on the central mesa. If you undergo this training, you will commence with a few basic quests which will show you how to undertake pet battles.


Once you know how to go into battle, you need to take part in other activities to advance. You have the option to collect some pets. You will have to complete quests and obtain pets as rewards. Some of these can be obtained from drops, from achievements or you can purchase from vendors.

Many of the pets are available from the auction house. This is due to you having the facility to remove and cage certain pets from your pet listing. The level applicable to this type of pet is the same as the monster level in the area where they have been captured.


An alternate method of obtaining pets is to fight pet tamers. They are found everywhere. The levels of these types of pets will be the same as the pet you find in their zone. This means that as you travel along, leveling and collecting suitable pets, you have the opportunity to use other pets at the same level to fight the battles.

PVP Battles

You can use PVP pet battles to gain pets. When you decide to queue for these types of battles, you will normally be matched to players who have pet teams that are on similar levels to the ones you have. You cannot communicate with the other player and will not gain any pet experience, but it is possible to earn achievements if you are victorious during battles.

Entering Battles

To ensure that you gain the best experience during battle, you should go into battle with pets at the same level, or above your pet. This should not be done when you are hoping for a power level-up. When you fight wild pets, not those of pet tamers, you have the option to capture the pet, rather than kill it. This is available if the pet you are fighting has a health level of below 25%. This will be indicated on your screen if it is available.

Not only will these pets allow you to level up easily,, but you will also be able to have a lot of fun whilst choosing the most suitable ones or trying to trap them.