WoW Pet Battles For Beginners

So you have finally decided to try WoW Pet Battles, but have no idea where to begin. There are simply so many of these little critters to choose from! You need to know how to obtain the most suitable pets and create effective teams for battle. Matching the pets against enemies is crucial.

Starting Point

To start with WoW pet battles, you need to find a character that is at least at level five. You will be charged a one-time fee of 10 gold to commence training with your city’s pet battle trainer. These trainers are normally scattered over the world, but there are a couple you can locate quite easily. You can opt for Audrey Burnhep, the Alliance trainer, whom you can find next to the tree by the pond at Stormwind. This is the place where the portals are. The other WoW pet training expert is Varzok, the Horde trainer, who can be found in Orgrimmar, on the central mesa. If you undergo this training, you will commence with a few basic quests which will show you how to undertake pet battles.


Once you know how to go into battle, you need to take part in other activities to advance. You have the option to collect some pets. You will have to complete quests and obtain pets as rewards. Some of these can be obtained from drops, from achievements or you can purchase from vendors.

Many of the pets are available from the auction house. This is due to you having the facility to remove and cage certain pets from your pet listing. The level applicable to this type of pet is the same as the monster level in the area where they have been captured.


An alternate method of obtaining pets is to fight pet tamers. They are found everywhere. The levels of these types of pets will be the same as the pet you find in their zone. This means that as you travel along, leveling and collecting suitable pets, you have the opportunity to use other pets at the same level to fight the battles.

PVP Battles

You can use PVP pet battles to gain pets. When you decide to queue for these types of battles, you will normally be matched to players who have pet teams that are on similar levels to the ones you have. You cannot communicate with the other player and will not gain any pet experience, but it is possible to earn achievements if you are victorious during battles.

Entering Battles

To ensure that you gain the best experience during battle, you should go into battle with pets at the same level, or above your pet. This should not be done when you are hoping for a power level-up. When you fight wild pets, not those of pet tamers, you have the option to capture the pet, rather than kill it. This is available if the pet you are fighting has a health level of below 25%. This will be indicated on your screen if it is available.

Not only will these pets allow you to level up easily,, but you will also be able to have a lot of fun whilst choosing the most suitable ones or trying to trap them.